coronavirus COVID-19 practical help (updated 09/04/2020)

With permission from and many thanks to Liz Crow and others from The Bunker, a Facebook group. These are all guides, please adapt as needed.

Attached are documents on maximising your care and treatment during coronavirus. It outlines measures that can be taken by us as disabled individuals to increase our personal protection during this health crisis.

Maximising your care and treatment during coronavirus (Word doc)

Home contingency template amended(1) (Word doc)

Hospital passport template amended (Word doc)

Briefing document for PAs-2 (PDF)

Government publications in alternative formats

Government information in BSL

Government guidance on vulnerable children and young people

Government guidance on support for those experiencing domestic abuse

Covid-19 changes to the London Taxicard Scheme (for London residents who have mobility or vision impairments)–-taxicard-changes

Help for domestic violence survivors and victims in Greenwich

the Her Centre

( They are still giving support by phone throughout lockdown, please ring on 0203 260 7772.)

see also Safe Lives for their content and links to DV relating to covid-19:


The Royal Borough of Greenwich has launched a new Community Hub that will link thousands of volunteers with opportunities to help people who are most in need of support.  

If you need help because you are vulnerable and self-isolating, and have not got a family member, friend or neighbour who can help, the volunteers could provide support with collecting/delivering prescriptions, delivering essential food packages and connecting you to local community services.

You can contact them to request support on 0800 470 4831 or Email

How to support someone in Royal Greenwich with a Housing Issue during the pandemic: Please click here for contacts.

Self-care during COVID-19: Combat Stress has shared some help and advice to support everyone in managing their mental health throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Take a look and please do share these brilliant resources with your teams and those you support.




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