COVID19 testing for PAs

We received this information on COVID19 testing for PAs:

At the moment, the Government strategy is to only offer asymptomatic testing to residential care home staff due to the very high risks potentially encountered in these settings. We are unable to provide weekly test packs for home care workers and personal assistants.

However in RBG , due to increased testing capacity at the national sites, we can book Personal Assistants and Home Care Workers into the testing units we have at Charlton Athletic Football Club (this site can also be accessed by those who are visiting on foot) and The O2 site.

If the PAs that provide critical support would like to be tested, they can email: with the following details

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Mobile Number
  • National Insurance Number
  •    Date of Birth
  • Preferred venue (02 or Charlton Athletic)
  • Car Registration (if intending to use a car to access the testing site)
  • Confirm whether you are a Personal Assistant or Home Care Worker

I hope that this provides you with the information that you need. I can reassure you that we will be making contact with the residents who received the letter that you did to clarify this for them.

I would also emphasise that we do understand the concerns that you and your PA support may have at this time and we continue to do all we can locally to support you including supplying PPE and other advice.

​it refers to asymptomatic PAs, who would like the reassurance that they are not COVID positive. There is no risk they will be turned away. CAFC is accessible by pedestrians.

As a priority we are making contact with those who have a CVI (certificate of Visual Impairment) to rectify the information they originally received. I will ask the Direct Payment team to ensure that recipients who employ Pas receive the information.