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Working Together : Direct Payments meeting schedule – Update August 6th, 2020

For Direct Payment users and all those interested in Direct Payments (message from the Council’s Direct Payment )

How to get involved  

Come to a meeting: Just turn up to any of the virtual meetings below, if you’re happy to use Zoom. You’re bound to meet other Direct Payment users and learn something as well as getting your voice heard.

Co-production Calendar

Late Summer/Autumn 2020.

Reset Co-production meeting:

We’d like to invite you all to a meeting to discuss the question of how the Council needs to work with Direct Payment users in future, and what is important to work together on.
The meeting will be jointly chaired between the Council and a Direct Payment user. The meeting is not for solving any individual problems you are having with Direct payments. It is for working out together what a good service would look like, and what might need to change for us to achieve that.

Wednesday August 12th, 2020 2pm to 4pm

Write to us: If you prefer, write down your thoughts about what a good Direct Payment Service looks like, and send them to Direct Payments Co-production, Care Brokerage Team, The Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, London SE18 6HQ. Your thoughts will be shared with the Co-production Steering group (see below).

Join the Co-production Steering Group: This small group now meets monthly and will “steer” how co-production works and keep the Council accountable for agreed actions and changes. Right now, there are six Direct Payment users and four Council officers in the steering group. We’re looking to expand the group and we are really keen to hear from you if you’re interested in getting involved. You would need to come to a Zoom meeting on Friday afternoons each month. No experience needed- just the willingness to work as a group to achieve positive change. If you would like to join the Steering Group,  email and give your contact details for the zoom link.

Peer Support Group: Direct payment users from Metro GAD and Greenwich DPAC are starting a regular peer support group on Zoom. This is a great chance to meet other Direct Payment users, exchange ideas and support each other. Council staff will not be at the meetings

Tuesday 25th August 2-3.30pm

Zoom details will be sent to you on the Monday before each meeting.

Tuesday 22nd September 2-3.30pm

Zoom details will be sent to you on the Monday before each meeting.

Tuesday 20th October 2-3.30pm

Zoom details will be sent to you on the Monday before each meeting.

Tuesday 17th November 2-3.30pm

Zoom details will be sent to you on the Monday before each meeting.

Tuesday 15th December 2-3.30pm

Zoom details will be sent to you on the Monday before each meeting.

Direct Payments advice sessions: Council staff will run this six-weekly advice session on Zoom. We will pull in questions from the peer support group, questions that often come to our duty lines, and there may be a chance to ask your own question at the end. 

Wednesday 16th September 2-3pm

Zoom details will be sent to you on the day before each meeting.

Wednesday 28th October 2-3.30pm

Zoom details will be sent to you on the day before each meeting.

Wednesday 9th December 2-3.30pm

Zoom details will be sent to you on the day before each meeting.

What does co-production mean? It means working together.  A fuller definition has been agreed by several groups who have been involved in co-production:

 “a meeting of minds born out of mutual respect, coming together to find a shared solution. In practice it involves people who use services being consulted, included and working together with the service provider, from the start to the end of any project that affects them.

 In this way decision makers and Disabled residents work together in an active way to plan, design and review policy and services that affect Disabled people’s everyday lives, to remove barriers that prevent Disabled people having control and self-direction over their own active and healthy lives”

 Who is involved in co-production?  We hope you will be part of this! So far, we are a small group of Direct Payment users who are keen for things to change for the better, working with Direct payment officers. Some of us are members of groups representing Disabled People, (Metro GAD and Greenwich Disabled People Against Cuts).

We want this group to get bigger and represent a diverse group of Direct Payment users, so let us know if you wish to get involved.

How to use Zoom: If you haven’t used Zoom before, don’t worry. You can get Zoom on a smartphone, tablet or laptop or if you are not online, we’ll send dial in details for you to join on the phone. It’s free to join meetings. Here’s a useful guide from Learning Disability Wales to getting set up and getting the best out of Zoom.



COVID19 testing for PAs

We received this information on COVID19 testing for PAs:

At the moment, the Government strategy is to only offer asymptomatic testing to residential care home staff due to the very high risks potentially encountered in these settings. We are unable to provide weekly test packs for home care workers and personal assistants.

However in RBG , due to increased testing capacity at the national sites, we can book Personal Assistants and Home Care Workers into the testing units we have at Charlton Athletic Football Club (this site can also be accessed by those who are visiting on foot) and The O2 site.

If the PAs that provide critical support would like to be tested, they can email: with the following details

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Mobile Number
  • National Insurance Number
  •    Date of Birth
  • Preferred venue (02 or Charlton Athletic)
  • Car Registration (if intending to use a car to access the testing site)
  • Confirm whether you are a Personal Assistant or Home Care Worker

I hope that this provides you with the information that you need. I can reassure you that we will be making contact with the residents who received the letter that you did to clarify this for them.

I would also emphasise that we do understand the concerns that you and your PA support may have at this time and we continue to do all we can locally to support you including supplying PPE and other advice.

​it refers to asymptomatic PAs, who would like the reassurance that they are not COVID positive. There is no risk they will be turned away. CAFC is accessible by pedestrians.

As a priority we are making contact with those who have a CVI (certificate of Visual Impairment) to rectify the information they originally received. I will ask the Direct Payment team to ensure that recipients who employ Pas receive the information.

Greenwich social care

Dates for your diary for relevant council meetings on social care charges

Further to the postponement of the Healthier Communities and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Panel meetings undertaking pre-decision scrutiny of Social Care Charges, it is confirmed that 2 meetings have been scheduled as follows:

Meeting 1 – 6.30pm on Wednesday 8 January 2020, in Committee Rooms 4 & 5, Woolwich Town Hall.  This will be to receive evidence from Officers, Greenwich Residents and stakeholders.

Meeting 2 – 6.30pm on Thursday 9 January 2020, in Committee Rooms 4 & 5, Woolwich Town Hall.  This will enable Members an opportunity to deliberate and agree recommendations and comment to be put forward to Cabinet that is taking place on 22 January 2020.

The key areas that Members will seek evidence on, particularly from Greenwich residents, is around impact and hardship.  Evidence provided to Cabinet on 22 October 2019 will be published as part of the Agenda for the January meetings. Therefore, if you have already given/provided evidence, there will be no need to resubmit this.  You are of course, welcome to attend the meetings and provide additional comment.

If you wish to attend, you should confirm your attendance, listing any additional need so that you can be included in the speakers list for the 8 January 2020 meeting.  If you are unable to attend but wish to provide written representations, please email them to Gurdeep Sehmi, Corporate Governance Manager by email –

Group of people on a pavement, some in wheelchairs, some carrying banners and placards
Greenwich disabled people putting up a front against social care charges outside Woolwich Town Hall
Greenwich social care

Campaign starting

 See Tom Bull’s article in The News Shopper

We don’t understand the consultation that wants us to pay for our care packages.. What does it mean? We already bear the brunt of the Austerity impact – we are in a Labour council…

– disabled in #RBG (Royal Borough of Greenwich)


 Welcome to DPAC Greenwich! This campaign group started up due to a local issue, the social care consultation charges

Greenwich Disabled People Against Cuts has been established in response to a recent council consultation to fees and charges paid for care.
Campaigners say increases would plunge some of the neediest people in the borough into unbearable financial circumstances, with some not being able to avoid their care.

Join our campaign to stop the changes – here is the membership form

or send an email to greenwichdpac(at)gmail dot com

twitter: @GreenwichDPAC